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Product Overview

Designed for professionals, the HTX6500 65cm hedge trimmer is precision engineered to tackle the toughest hedges with ease. Double-sided cutting blades help to eradicate wild stems and branches with the help of variable speed for those tougher patches. The brushless motor is smooth and quiet whilst in operation, and the gearbox will give you all the power you need, without the vibration, emissions and noise of a petrol engine. This can be used with the BAX1500 Professional-X backpack battery which will provide you with up to 420 minutes of cutting on a single charge.

With cleaner cuts and longer run times, our Professional-X cordless hedge trimmer will make cutting hedges short work. The HTX6500 is equipped with everything you’d need to achieve that top quality finish required day-to-day. It’s designed with a unique handle and trigger system, which allows you to switch effortlessly between vertical and horizontal cutting – something which you’ll come across daily. The tool is operated with a dual-trigger function, and will only work when both triggers are pressed, making it safer when handling in between trims. This tool has a 65cm cutting blade which are laser cut, diamond ground. Made from steel, they’re tough enough to provide the cleanest cut, therefore promoting healthier hedges. The tip of the blade is protected, which will help to prevent the blades from becoming damaged by fences and walls. Petrol garden tools pose certain risks to users. Quieter, lighter, with less vibration and absolutely no noxious fumes, EGO cordless garden tools are designed to be kinder to the operator and the environment without sacrificing performance. In addition to the comfort and health benefits, the lower noise levels of battery powered equipment mean it can be used at times, and in places, where petrol powered equipment would otherwise be prohibited or a nuisance – early mornings near sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools and visitor attractions.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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