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The innovative new EGO Pressure Washer HPW2000E combines heavy duty cleaning power with market-leading battery run times. Remote power control and a selection of nozzles give you complete control for the most effective, efficient results for a range of different cleaning tasks.
Additional accessories are also available to tailor the machine to a specific job. Heavy duty cleaning power with remote information display and power control, dual battery port with Peak Power™ Technology, premium hose fittings and inclusion of 4 nozzles for different cleaning tasks. All nozzles have a bayonet system which makes switching between them easy and simple. Design of each nozzle has been optimised to create a uniform fan of water, for optimal efficiency. Making the most of EGO’s single battery platform, any EGO 56V ARC Lithium™ Battery can connect with any of EGO’s latest lifestyle products – all designed to enhance the enjoyment of our outdoor spaces, and beyond.


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