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Toro Prostripe 560 Striping Roller Mower


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Product Overview

The Toro Prostripe 560 is a professional striping roller mower which comes equipped with a bounty of features aimed at producing an elegant striped finish to hotel grounds, golf courses and sports pitches. Toro’s innovative MatchCut™ technology is specifically designed for use on fine turf where accurate height setting is crucial.

Toro Prostripe 560 features:

  • A commercial quality Kawasaki FJ180V KAI engine with a heavy duty recoil, cast iron cylinder liner, dual element cylindrical air-cleaner and uprated top crank-bearing
  • Self-propelled with 3 speed drive gives the user increased control when mowing longer grass or up inclines
  • Cast aluminium deck is anti-corrosive and hard wearing without weighing it down
  • MatchCut™ technology allows the user to fine tune the grass cutting height in half-increments, perfect for creating a match fit grass pitch
  • Full width, two-piece roller produces a superior stripe and a unique ribbed finish for adding extra traction in damp conditions or varying terrain
  • Blade Brake Clutch transmission system which halts the blade allowing the user to transport across paths and gravel without stopping the engine
  • 80 litre high capacity grass bag for fewer stops to empty
  • Powerful air-flow system with integrated front fins which direct the airflow into the cutter deck, effectively collecting grass clippings even at the lowest cutting height

The Toro Prostripe 560 can cut lower than most rotary mowers and heights are adjusted via a spring loaded lever. The cutting heights range from 13 to 60 mm and thanks to the MatchCut™ technology can be adjusted in 3.6 mm increments for a more accurate cut.

The Prostripe 560 has been designed for maximum operator comfort with a soft-grip handle, central OPC control mechanism and balanced auto-drive engagement.

Engine 179 cc Kawasaki® FJ180V KAI OHV 4-stroke
Cutting Width 56cm / 22 inch
StarterRecoil, Zone start
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.7 litre
Drive 3-speed
Cutting Heights 13 from 13 - 60mm (3.6mm increments)
Deck Aluminium
Air Filter Dual Element
Grass Collector Capacity 80 litres
Blade Type 3.2mm thick swaged steel
Blade Engagement Blade Brake Clutch
Tyres 23cm / 9 inch
Handles Folding lubrication
Weight 66kg
Manufacturer Warranty 3 year domestic, 1 year commercial, terms apply


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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